Hi! today I’m gonna show you how to set-up a Wi-Fi Repeater,
to extend the range of your Wi-Fi.

1. First connect connect your Laptop or Desktop PC into your Wifi- Repeater via cable.

2. Goto your Internet Browser (e.g google chrome, firefox or whaterver you want)
Type the default ip address of your wifi repeater into your internet browser,
then log-in using the default username and password,
This can be found at the back of your repeater.






3. Click on Repeater
You will now see the available wifi that is in the range of your repeater.







4. Click on your desired Wifi connection to be repeated.
(note: you must knwow the wifi password to do so)








5. Type Your Repeater ID, you can change it whatever name you want.
on Security Key, type the password of the wifi that you wish to connect to,
then click Apply

6. Unplug your repeater for 10 secs,
Then plug it again.

(That’s it, you have now successfully extended your Wi-Fi range Via Wi-Fi repeater.

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