Adding Adsense verification code to WordPress Site (Tutorial)

Hi everyone, this tutorial is on how to apply google adsense for the wordpress website.

It’s quite simple just follow these steps,

This is for educational purpose only.


  • First Log in to your wordpress dashboard,
  • Ok now on the wordpress dashboard, we want to copy verification code between the head section            of   your wordpress website.

This is my verification code,


  • hover appearance in your dashboard,

go to editor

click Theme Header (header.php)

while in the header code, hit “Ctrl + F” in your browser to find the  “</head>”

we want to find the end of head tag

  • kindly paste your verification code just above the “</head> ” tag

then click update file.

You have now pasted your code.

  •  Now let’s confirm that your code has been pasted.

Go to your website homepage.

Hit “Crtl + U” in your browser to view the code, or right click and view the source code.

Let’s search for the head

you can see if your  verification code is available,

for you to be fully verified, kindly create some add units and add them to your wordpress website.

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