One of the most valuable tools that must have in Stocks Trading is the calculator.
But, a simple calculator is not that good in Stocks Trading.

There is a tool that can give you more productivity in stocks trading.
In this Article, I will tell you about that amazing tool. How you can download it.

How productive it is, how you can use it to reduce the risks and boost your profit.
And also, one great thing about this tool is that it is totally free!


1. What is this tool?

– This tool is an Android App, sad to say it’s not yet available on iOS and Windows devices. However, the developer is now working on it for the iOS and Windows users to be able to use this App.

– There is a two version of this App on Google Play store, named
COL Financial Profit  Calculator and COL Financial Calculator
Cover artCover art

Both of these App is made by our team JandK Dev.

These Apps are very similar in terms of usage, just differs in the layout design.


2. How TO Download the Apps?

– You can download this Apps by going to google play store, and in the search panel just type

” COL Financial Calculator ”

or You can just also click on the images above or the direct link here:

COL Financial Profit  Calculator and COL Financial Calculator


3. How to use and How Productive It Is?

The usage of this app is very simple,

  1.  Just Input your desired number of Shares to Buy
  2.  Input the Buying Price
  3.  Input the Selling Price
  4.  Click Calculate

That’s It!

Now after you’ve done that you can now see how much profit you gain or lose depending on the

3 factors: Buying Price, Selling Price, and the Number of Shares.

You can also see All the Buy and Sell Charges Including Taxes.

and all of that is generated by App for you.

As you can see in the 2 Images above,

I calculate first the number of Shares That I will Buy,

and The Buy and Sell Price.

all The those results are generated for me by the App.

All the Charges the Net BUY and SELL prices And Also The Profit that you will make is generated by the App after Clicking the calculate button.

After That, I just Buy and Sell according to the computation of the App,

And that’s It!


You can adjust the number of shares that you will be buying If you want to gain more Profit.

The Buying and Selling Price Is the Price that I Predict that will be attainable in small amount of time,

since I am a Day and Swing Trader, so what I want is to gain Profit In a very small amount of time.

I will talk About that and other Trading Lessons/Tutorials in the next Article.

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