Top 12 ways In Successful Forum Marketing.
You can achieve successful Forum Marketing if you follow this.


1. Find the right Forums for your Market Niche

It is very useful to find the right forum for your market. Not all forums are worthy of your time.

Succesful forum marketers gains finding the right community for your business.

2. Create Your Online Forum Account

Once you find the right forum for your market, You will want to set-up your forum account right away.

Users with the registered account would definitely get some good benefits. Just follow the guidelines.

3. Check the Community Guidelines Before Posting

It is very important, during the registration process you will be asked to agree to the forums user agreement and posting guidelines,

Read this rules and guidelines carefully.

4. Pick a Good UserName or Avatar (or Photo)

Your Username and Avatar are the first things other users will notice about you. Pick a Username that is easy to remember and pronounce.

5. Create a Compelling User Profile

A good Profile can help you establish credibility to the forum. Provide a solid description of your expertise and experience. Feel free to add a couple of Personality to your User Profile.

6. Introduce Yourself to the Community

Many Forum encourages new user to introduce themselves to the community by making an introductory post. It is usually done impaired specially designed for welcoming new members.

7. Spend Some Time Lurking on the Forum

Spend some time reading  the forum to get a sense of the community special queries, and check on what topics are their favorites.

8. Make Valuable and Useful Contribution to the Comunity

This is the key to successful forum marketing. Whenever you are asked to a question related to the producer or services, that is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

9. Put Your Website URL in Your Signature File

Forum signature is a  text or graphic that is attached at the end of your posts. Most people use the signature to display their favorite quotes or links to their favorite website. Some forums allow users to use the signature to promote their own website. If you are in a forum that allows the signature to promote your own website, make sure to take advantage of that.

10. Avoid Controversy and Drama in Online Forums

Do not get drawn into heated arguments. It would b a shame to get banned just because you started arguing over emotional and controversial arguments involving politics, religion and other heated topics.

11. Create Win-Win Marketing Campaigns

Once you have the respect of the users you can start more aggressive marketing campaigns. Focus on marketing things that provide benefits to the forum community. For example, offer the forum members some special discounts, free samples, and fun contests. This will help you to make money online.

12. Use Caution If Outsourcing Forum Marketing

Many marketing Forum uses bots or workers to spam Forums, this is not the type of marketing you want. Forum Spam may bring a little traffic to your website. But in long run, this campaign will end.


This is for today, 12 tips for successful forum marketing.

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